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Why All Students Should Take A Blockchain or Cryptocurrency Class 101
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The world of technology is changing everything around us. Not only has it changed the working landscape, but it has infiltrated out social spheres and daily lives to the point where we probably would not be able to function if we did not have the technology.

However, it changes faster than you can master it, but now and then, a technology comes along that will revolutionize everything. Blockchain is one of those technologies and the sooner you know the ins and outs thereof, the better.

The job market is looking rosy

If there has ever been a tech market to get into, it is blockchain. Anything from crypto startup companies, to established ones, are looking for individuals to meet their needs. If anything, the current trend is just the tip of the iceberg and if you can get into it now, you’ll be a senior when the wave is at its highest.

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When one looks at the roles that employers are searching for, anything from cryptocurrency software engineers, cryptoanalysts, developers, traders, mining technicians and systems engineers are just a few that are in high demand.

Integration with modern technologies

Blockchain technologies have already been adopted in numerous fields and industries. Cryptocurrency is probably the most well-known of the lot, but there is one area that might even surpass crypto and that is the Internet-of-things.

The main reason why this is the case is because of the safe infrastructure and autonomous collaboration that can take place. Now the creative minds of the future can easily work online and share their work without having to worry whether their work is safe.

Blockchain also ensures that the veracity of their data is not compromised through human error of corrupt systems either.

Data security

Blockchain allows for a new level of security that is near impossible to circumvent. One can only open a newspaper today and find that some or another database had been breached and sensitive information got into the hands of some shady people.

Some of the biggest companies in the world have fallen prey to hackers and caught the eyeballs of the lawmakers. Here again, you can use a good law essay writing service to come up with content around the legal issues in the blockchain and crypto sector.

Traditionally, sensitive info like accounts is stored on the single servers of data brokers. They ensure that payments are made, etc. However, with blockchain, the broker is taken out of the picture. The user is the only one who has control over their details and does transactions directly instead of through a middle man.

Why All Students Should Take A Blockchain or Cryptocurrency Class 102
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Growing demand for blockchain

Blockchain is a relatively new technology and it has been in development for some time and the demand for blockchain is growing exponentially. According to new research based on Linkedin, jobs related to blockchain top the list of in-demand skills for 2020.

Employers are looking for anyone who has the skills to do the job. If the big companies of the world like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon are investing in blockchain, you know that the rest of the world will follow suit. In 2018, in the United States alone, blockchain developer related jobs grew by 33x and the growth has only increased since.

Cutting edge tech that everyone is eyeing

If ever there was a gap to get into blockchain and strike while the iron is hot, it is now. A recent census showed that only 0.5% of people worldwide use blockchain technology, but over 50% use the internet.

Based on current trends and the investment of major companies, more and more people will start using it soon. All you need to do is to start learning blockchain-related skills and start building decentralized applications.


It is not a question of whether the students of today will get to work with blockchain or not, rather the question is when they will work with blockchain. The sooner the next generation is introduced to the inner workings of blockchain, the sooner they will be able to innovate with it.

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