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Uncle Musk

Metaverse Uncle Musk protocol is a probabilistic chain game based on metaverse ecology, so that publishing operation and community autonomy protocol on the chain.

Uncle Musk’s chain game protocol is just, fair, open, safe and reliable depending on the decentralized, distributed storage, non-tamper, transparent and traceable features of blockchain.

Metaverse blockchain game is an infinite game of the artificial virtual world parallel to the real world, which is extremely real and amusing. The combination of blockchain digital tokens and games have redefined the value and reward system. Users can not only play in a more equitable environment, but more importantly, they can get revenue from the game. The level is proportional to the return and profit, which makes it greatly different from traditional Internet games.

Uncle Musk blockchain game agreement is a super platform that openly collects game ideas and gameplay from users around the world, also rewards the inventor with permanent intellectual property.

The only token between Uncle Musk’s DAPP and Musk’s trading system is Musk.

Musk token will be available for exchange at 22:20 PM (Singapore time) on August 14, 2021 via Pancake Swap, we are looking forward to exploring Uncle Musk Metaverse with global fans together!


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