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Soldex was created to bring the most useful blockchain project for investors — artificial intelligence. We know you’ve already had occasions where you wished there is a bot that can help you trade cryptocurrencies, just like what you are seeing in forex and stocks. Trading with an AI is so much easier, especially if you want to save time learning the charts or guessing what the market would look like tomorrow or the next few days.

Today, Soldex brings the best tools you can use in the crypto market. With its automated trading, individual investors are not the only ones showing support, but venture capital firms as well.

Soldex is attracting more interest from Venture Capital Firms

Right now, Soldex is getting more and more attention from Venture Capital Firms. Soldex is currently in negotiation with various funds and discussing more than 1.5M USD to be invested.

Some of the funds involved in this project are Alphabit Fund, Peech Capital, Maven 11, Sinoglobal Capital, and Moon Whale.

Venture Capital Firms are widely known to be only investing in projects with great potential. As they see that Soldex is about to revolutionize how investors trade in the crypto market, project’s team is thrilled to share with you that the protocol is getting enough attention from them.

Soldex’s Unique Value Proposition

Now, you might be wondering why investors are considering Soldex AI. Here are some of the reasons based on what investors are explaining.

Automatic Trading

Many people have already used automatic bots to trade. For example, you can see a lot of investors in forex using bots to earn massively from their trades. That goes for stock investors. Since some of them don’t have enough time to monitor their investments every hour, they rely on bots to make the best trades for them.

This is such good news for new investors who want exposure to the crypto market. With Soldex’s artificial intelligence telling you about its current market analysis, which investments are possible to profit, and when to buy and sell, you don’t have to possess expert trading skills to start trading and investing. You may rely on automatic reports produced by Soldex AI while in the process of learning about technical analysis.

Using AI for trading makes transactions fast and easy. Plus, it reduces human error. Of course, it’s best if the algorithm used to make better trading choices that makes more profit for investors is chosen by an expert. In fact, investors on Wall Street are relying on bots to make their trades.

With Soldex AI, traders can choose the trading bot they want to use according to risk tolerance, budget, time frame, margin, crypto pairs, volatility, and custom criteria.

This new tool brought by Soldex will change how you view crypto trading. And, it’s not just the AI that will benefit you the most, but the blockchain technology where Soldex is built — Solana.

Use of Solana Blockchain

One of the ultimate reasons why Soldex is appealing to big and small holders is that it’s built on Solana. We all know that Solana is already gaining popularity because of its scalability and efficiency. Some believe that this blockchain technology is better than the current Ethereum version, and it’s going to over-compete Ethereum soon. While there are a lot of developers and investors waiting for Ethereum 2.0, there are already projects migrating to the Solana blockchain. With Soldex and Solana working together, investors can save a lot of money on trading and exchange fees. So, speed plus small fees combined are great for crypto traders and investors.

A Growing Community

Soldex’s community is vastly growing. If you are not a part of its Telegram channel yet, you might want to check out the group chat and discover what will benefit you most from Soldex’s offers.

With a growing community willing to help potential holders and anyone who wants to know about the project, the participation becomes more personal. It’s not just about investing crypto anymore. Knowing the goal of the project, its future endeavours, and how it can make a difference on the blockchain are something to consider.

Ready to join the craze?

Soldex is popular for a reason. If you want to join the craze and want to become a holder in a worthwhile project, this is your chance. Soldex is currently having a private sale of SOLX. You may send an email to [email protected] for more details in order to join.

To know more about the project updates, you can follow them on the following links:

Website: soldex.ai
Twitter: https://twitter.com/soldexai
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/79597374/
Telegram: https://t.me/Soldexai

Note that the team is constantly communicating through the Telegram group chat. You might want to join the group for easier communication.


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