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Solanax has been setting new benchmarks for growth as its plans to attract investors continue to succeed. Solanax provides a platform for companies that are looking for open-source liquidity and DeFi protocol with low-interest rates. Soon after its listing on ExMarkets, the Solanax staking pool has reached its full capacity. Looking at the overwhelming response, Solanax is looking to open a new pool for new investors looking to stake the token.

Solanax offers users to get paid out an APY of 12% in SOL (Solana) instead of SOLD tokens. This automatically increases the SOL allocation instead of the native currency. The aim is to overall strengthen the Solana community by building a SOLD/SOL ecosystem. For this, Solanax is also introducing SOL/SOLD token pairs on ExMarkets.

What is Solanax?

Solanax is a decentralized exchange that aims to contribute to the Solana ecosystem by becoming the fastest DeX in existence. This is due to the fact that unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Solana does not face the issues of transaction costs, speeds, and other energy related issues.
Although Solana addresses all the crypto-related issues of today, it still is considered to be an underrated project as compared to the market leaders which are constantly bashed for centralization, slowness, and high costs. The increasing awareness and adoption makes Solanax a very interesting project from an investor’s point of view as it gives a one stop solution with frictionless yields, light-speed swaps, and low costs.

The recent rising issues with Etheruem has been diverting the attention of investors from projects like Uniswap to more sustainable ecosystems like Cardano and Solanax. Better UI, faster speeds, and an overall better experience is pushing masses to these alternatives and the move to projects like Solanax and Adax is inevitable. Keeping this in mind, we can also project the growth of these projects compared to Uniswap. The rise of UNI gave it huge gains of the order of multiples of ten. Since Solanax is still in its infant stages, riding the investment bandwagon can prove to be fruitful since we’re looking at an upgraded version of Uniswap.

For private deals please enquire at: [email protected]

Webpage : www.solanax.org
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Solanaxorg
Gitbook : https://solanax.gitbook.io/solanax/
Whitepaper : Solanax whitepaper


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