NISEBANK is poised to offer one of the most comprehensive digital payment platforms for e-commerce, social networks, digital banking, touch and pay electronic cards, online crypto payments, and more. Now, the platform has announced that they will unveil a STO that is already expected to increase in value rapidly over the next few years.

This offers an excellent opportunity for those who’ve either missed out on or capitalized on cryptocurrency value fluctuations in the past.

A STO, also known as a security token offering, is remarkably similar to an ICO (initial coin offering) with some distinct differences. For example, a STO represents an investment contract based on a physical asset, such as stocks, bonds, REIT (real estate investment trusts), and other funds. A security token also represents ownership that has been recorded on a blockchain, as well.

STOs offer a wealth of benefits in comparison to traditional ICOs. For example, a STO is asset backed and complies with regulatory governance. STOs are lower risk, cheaper because they eliminate any middleman, offer fractional ownership, can be traded around the clock, and are legally compliant with regulatory governance.

NISEBANK aims to introduce their SP500 autotrade platform by the third quarter of 2020, and by the fourth quarter, NISEBANK aims to launch the exchange of 100+ of the most valuable coins on the DAPP platform.

In terms of investment opportunities, Nise STO offers a promising outlook. Initial projections show that the STO will debut in 2020 with a $0.10 to $10 share value. In 2022, shares are expected to be valued at $24 to $40; in 2025, shares are anticipated to be valued at $160 to $250 per share. In 2030, NISEBANK projects that the Nise STO will be valued at $500 to $1000 per share.

The new Nise STO offers an exceptional opportunity for anyone who is interested in getting in at the ground floor of a new cryptocurrency based opportunity. As statistics have shown, cryptocurrencies tend to continuously rise in value, and this is precisely what the Nise STO is poised to do within the next few years.

The NISEBANK team aims to engage global blockchain users to contribute capital to Nise STO via community development through crowdfunding and integration between next-generation social networks, e-commerce and non-payment, centralized on the blockchain platform.

More information about NISEBANK, Nise STO, and the team’s roadmap can now be found at


NISEBANK aims to offer end-to-end solutions, including decentralized payments, for e-commerce, social networks, digital banking, and more.


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