Nise Finance Holdings is a long-standing major investment fund in the UK. Nise Finance Holdings operates in the areas of financial investment related to Banking, Stocks, Stock transfer trading, S&P 500, direct investment in FOREX, storing valuable cryptocurrencies and conducting creation transactions profit for customers with global scale.

The future Nise Finance Holdings will build its own blockchain platform (called Nisechain) for global connected import, export and e-commerce industries. Open a direct payment gateway on Nisechain ​​with the token (STO) by a team of consultants and builders in quarter 2/2020. Nisechain ​​is widely used globally and is used most practically in the healthcare services industry.

In addition, Nise Finance Holdings has shown its superiority in the global economy with a Big Bang when we were the first company in the world to ensure legal transparency as well as after-sales support from our partners. Head in the field of Auditing and Financial Accounting to produce transparent financial statements. Our electronic stock (STO) was first released in the world, marking a historic turning point in the global stock and stock markets. E-stock opens up a new direction, an interesting choice for angel investors and its owners.

2021 Nise Finance Holdings establishes the launch of a new platform to boost the global economy through the FomoChain ​​platform. Fomochain ​​helps the ability to handle financial transactions as well as call for projects to be implemented transparently, against money laundering activities to build trust for investors.

Nise Finance Holdings expects a promising year from digital bank Nisebank, which will create a global connection with transaction volume of up to $ 10 billion in 2020. The expected STO value reaches $ 20. Bring income to millions of people when depositing money into Nisebank and operating publicly in many territories. Our mission is to establish the legal status of investment activities legally, in accordance with the laws of each country. In every country we operate, we open offices and headquarters that operate publicly with representatives who are approved for approval to appoint members who have full legal status, to serve. financial reporting and revenue for the corporation. Legal representatives may receive investment in practical projects for investment activities in subsequent years.

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