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GeFi consists of 2 important ecosystems which integrate a lucrative finance vault with a unique NFT gamification equipped with an extensive marketplace making it one of the most exclusive DeFi projects to look out for in the market. The main purpose of the project is to provide a platform for everyone to have a go at DeFi mining and obtain limited tokens circulating in the entire ecosystem, GEG (GeGems) and GES (GeStones). tokens and experience a hybrid platform combining the 2 worlds.

GeFi was established by gathering some of the leading DeFi protocols across the globe to advance the collaboration of DeFi protocols across blockchains and borders. GeFi (in short for Gemstone Finance) is derived from today’s technologically-advanced society, creates this crossover between traditional mining equipped with virtual mining (staking) for blockchain & crypto community to engage/access into the world of modern gems mining by also utilizing the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

GeFi Your Life with The GeFi Protocol! 101
GeFi Your Life with The GeFi Protocol! 102

GeFi is based on the Community Driven Concept (CDC); which is a development initiative that provides control of the development process, resources and decision-making authority directly to groups in the community. The underlying assumption of CDC projects is that communities are the best judges, if provided with adequate resources and information, they can organize themselves to provide for the sustainability of the project ecosystem and protocol.

GeFi Your Life with The GeFi Protocol! 103

As at the end of July 2021, 100% of their public sales for their native token sold out successfully and all the early adopters was intrigued at the official launching of the Initial Stakepool Offering (ISPO) on 12th August 2021 and there were several pools being introduced by the GeFi protocol as shown below.

The GeFi protocol automatically switches funds between a variety sets of protocols in order to obtain the best rate of return. As a result, GeFi simplifies the yield farming process for participants. This in turn, will lead GeFions to a next level of HYPE!

GeFi Your Life with The GeFi Protocol! 104
GeFi Your Life with The GeFi Protocol! 105

As for the GES ecosystem, StoneAge combines DeFi & NFT in a single platform, a hybrid platform where both the DeFi protocol and Non-Fungible Tokens were integrated allowing STONEAGE to provide a marketplace consisting of Market Explorer, Cross-Chain & Cross-NFT Stores, NFT Creators and Gamifications.

More info regarding the StoneAge marketplace is set to be announced by their team soon.

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