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Quiver x Capital

The DeFi sector is larger than ever, with a Total Value Locked (TVL) recently hitting an all-time high at USD 42.8 billion. Decentralized finance seems to be growing at a rapid pace, and while it has seen a bit of a hit — alongside the rest of the market which saw a correction recently — it is still highly popular.

The popularity of DeFi has brought countless new projects which are trying to earn a name for themselves and survive in a highly competitive industry. This is why PR and marketing firms such as DeFiBoost are highly necessary and very popular right about now.

In fact, PR companies are even sought out by some established projects which might aim to expand their reach and influence, attract new users, and more. These days, thanks to growing crypto prices, many new people are entering the cryptocurrency industry all across the world, and platforms are in a rush to swoop in and collect these newcomers who don’t yet know where to go or how to navigate the crypto sector.

This presents various platforms with an opportunity, and so they turn to PR professionals to represent them in places where new traders and investors will see them and choose them for their platforms of choice.

QuiverX, a revolutionary crowdfunding platform based on blockchain technology, did it as well, by partnering with DeFiBoost only a few short days ago.

QuiverX Teams Up with DeFiBoost

QuiverX Capital, better known as just QuiverX, is a company that offers a platform by the same name, which allows users to raise money for their token in a quick and reliable way. The platform’s aim is to take investing to the next level through emerging technology, providing investors to own fractional shares of some of the higher-yielding investments.

The company offers advanced security thanks to the fact that it works on Amazon Web Services, as well as the opportunity to send and receive coins, earn rewards, and it even offers an online wallet.

The firm announced its partnership with DeFiBoost in a Medium post on February 17th, noting that it will be a strategic marketing partnership with the leader in the PR and marketing sector for DeFi. Indeed, DeFiBoost has quite a track record, and is known for supporting some of the coins that have come a long way since they were first presented by the marketing company. Needless to say, DeFiBoost knows who to turn to for spreading the word, and so far, it has made quite a name for itself.

Now, QuiverX wants the two to work together in a partnership that will see DeFiBoost provide authentic coverage from the biggest crypto publishers and influencers in the industry, while connecting enthusiasts of other DeFi projects to QuiverX directly, through a new one-on-one personal outreach program.

QuiverX is Rapidly Expanding

QuiverX’s partnership with DeFiBoost is not the first team-up that has given the company the edge it needs in a highly-competitive crypto world. The firm also recently teamed up with Chainlink to use its data-retrieving oracles technology. From what is known. QuiverX will use Chainlink’s tech to obtain info regarding the quarterly business revenue of SMEs listed on its platform, thus storing it permanently on top of the blockchain.

The company also has its community-driven, decentralized, fair-launch protocol known as xEarn Yield Farming Protocol. xEarn (XRN) is a governance token that enables holders to have voting rights on which projects to give special features to on the crowdfunding platform. Not only does xEarn provide voting rights, but it is also the host of the xEarn Marketplace. This unique feature is a web-based service that will offer freelancers and entrepreneurs a chance to showcase their work and to earn cryptocurrency on the platform.

In other words, while the DeFi sector is exploding, QuiverX is silently following this growth through strategic partnerships and clever expansions of its services, alongside the creation of new ones.


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