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Word is making its way around the cryptocurrency community that a top Covesting strategy manager has made their followers more than 1 million USD, and the sum is still climbing. Here is everything we so far know about the success story.

Strategy Manager Milestone: 1 Million USD In Profit For Followers

Covesting is a copy trading platform that allows beginners to benefit from the experience of strategy managers who show regular success through a fully transparent global leaderboard system. The module was developed by the Europe-based, DLT-licensed, and regulated software firm Covesting and was released on the award-winning PrimeXBT as part of an ongoing B2B partnership.

The currently #1 ranked strategy manager on the platform has earned more than 30,000% in total profits since they joined Covesting in late June 2021. That means in less than two whole months, the strategy manager known as ChamelX amassed his nearly 1.2K followers more than 1 million USD in total profit.

Covesting Strategy Manager Makes 1M USD For Followers In Latest Feat 101

Turning Six Figures To Seven, And Other Covesting Success Stories

While the news and total sum are undeniably significant, it isn’t the first time Covesting traders made headlines across mainstream media. In fact, past instances include a strategy manager who turned six figures into 8 million USD in only four days of trading.

Covesting followers can select from more than 400 different strategies currently. Both strategy managers and followers share their experience and market insights in an active Telegram community.


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