Security Benefits of Blockchain Technology in The Online Casino Industry

The gambling world is part of a fluid and rapidly evolving market. The latest developments in internet technology are allowing many online gambling platforms and venues to utilize novel technological trends. However, these advancements in technology are also met with ramifications. This introduces risk, which can lead to devastating losses. The morphing landscape includes the rapid rise

Wault Finance: The World’s First Commerce-Backed Stablecoin WUSD

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has shown a massive potential to transform the existing financial sector by introducing decentralization, security, and governance all within blockchain infrastructure. Therefore, it is not surprising that many have taken to DeFi to leverage their capital in lending, borrowing, and yield farming protocols. As a result, there has been a gradual shift from
Slink Labs

SLINK LABS; The Company Ushering You to Success

SLINK LABS is a token incubator company where developers or individuals apply and get help with funding, marketing, and development of their tokens or ideas. Through the company, SLINK, a token similar to owning stock, was developed by a group of experts in the field. They saw a vision to create tokens in the various blockchains, with each token having a unique purpose and mutualistic
Latin America Sees Fintech Boom, and Global Investors Love It 101

Latin America Sees Fintech Boom, and Global Investors Love It

Latin America'sFfintech sector is booming lately, and global investors are taking notice of it and investing accordingly. Data shows that over 7 billion USD were invested into financial services in Latin America since 2016. What's more, the annual investment has also grown since 2018, reaching an amount of 2 billion USD in 2020. Yet, it's not just foreign and local investors noticing
crypto mining

Best and Trusted Mining Sites

Introduction Contrary to popular myth, cryptocurrencies do not come in by themselves. They are mined using computer calculations. However, it was much easier to do ten years ago, and miners (users engaged in mining) earned much more. The fact is that the complexity of mining cryptocurrencies is constantly increasing. There are more and more people who want to make money in this way. As a

Understanding Support and Resistance in Forex

Support and resistance are powerful trading pillars, and most methods incorporate some form of support/resistance (S/R) analysis. Support and resistance usually form around critical regions where price has repeatedly advanced and recovered. In this article, we define support and resistance and discuss the most effective trading tactics of support and resistance. What is Support? In
What is The Most Profitable Country to Launch Your Cryptocurrency Project? 101

What is The Most Profitable Country to Launch Your Cryptocurrency Project?

The worldwide economy has been taken over by cryptocurrency, which is gaining more popularity. Also, cryptocurrency surpasses traditional paying methods due to its multifaceted advantages - availability, reliability, and independence. Over the past decade, with the rise in the number of virtual currencies, Europe has emerged as a starting point for cryptocurrency service providers and
How To Earn Crypto 101

How To Earn Crypto

2020 saw crypto gain critical momentum, with major corporations and financial institutions seeking exposure to bitcoin. While anyone can purchase cryptocurrencies, there are other ways to acquire BTC and other coins, and grow your portfolio without a large up-front investment. As a new set of technologies and an asset class with a fast-growing community of avid supporters, crypto offers

Covesting Strategy Manager Makes 1M USD For Followers In Latest Feat

Word is making its way around the cryptocurrency community that a top Covesting strategy manager has made their followers more than 1 million USD, and the sum is still climbing. Here is everything we so far know about the success story. Strategy Manager Milestone: 1 Million USD In Profit For Followers Covesting is a copy trading platform that allows beginners to benefit from the
The Newest  Generation Of DEX Has Arrived 101

The Newest Generation Of DEX Has Arrived

The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists. The ABEY foundation has added XSWAP, a fully-decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, to the ABEYCHAIN 2.0 ecosystem. As the first of many dapps developed for the ABEY ecosystem, XSWAP plays a central role in the evolution of the ecosystem, and will offer the broader DeFi ecosystem a robust