BTSE Open Up Digital Art World With NFT Marketplace White Label Solution

The NFT craze that has swept the globe, shows no signs of slowing, and now one of the leading digital exchanges has made NFT marketplaces available as a white label solution, to those people or businesses that would like to run their own NFT marketplace. BTSE, who are a BVI based digital exchange offering the trading of derivatives and spot, with multi currency support, including both

Farming Privacy Protocol Automata’s ATA Debuts on Binance Launchpool

Automata Network has announced the public launch of its ATA token on the world’s largest centralized exchange, Binance. Starting June 2, users can stake their BNB, DOT, or BUSD for rewards in ATA via Binance Launchpool, and on June 7 tokens will be available for general trade and sale. Automata offers privacy services for dApps on Ethereum and Polkadot, and the decentralized service

SuperFarm’s Multi-Purpose NFT Farming Feature Goes Live

In an exciting update for the NFT and digital asset enthusiasts at large, Superfarm, a cross-chain DeFi protocol offering easy, accessible, and innovative ways to create, farm, and sell NFTs, has announced the go-live of its NFT farming feature. With the launch of this feature, $SUPER holders and partner projects of the protocol can leverage their holdings in a non-inflationary way.

Privacy-focused Panther Raises 8M USD in Oversubscribed Private Sale

Privacy-focused DeFi solution Panther Protocol has raised 8 million USD in a private sale. The sale was oversubscribed with the participation of 140 investors. Panther enables end-to-end privacy on digital assets. It ensures that all crypto transactions are conducted confidentially to protect the trading strategies, transaction history, and personal financial data of users. Privacy

Meet the Projects Bringing Polkadot to the Masses

Polkadot, the high-speed, interoperable, and massively scalable platform for cross-chain blockchains, has been the subject of much attention lately — largely thanks to its potential to unite the broader blockchain ecosystem. But while Polkadot provides the technology and infrastructure developers can use to build more powerful and inclusive products, there are more than a handful of
Virtue Poker

Don’t Miss Virtue Poker’s Celebrity Poker Charity Tournament on Twitch

Blockchain-based poker platform Virtue Poker is dipping its toes into the Non-Fungible Tokens industry. The team is also organizing a Celebrity Poker Charity Tournament on Twitch, featuring some renowned players. During the event, several NFTs will be distributed to viewers. A Big Virtue Poker Tournament The celebrity poker charity tournament by Virtue Poker serves multiple purposes.

How Convergence Finance Is Revolutionizing Private Investment Markets

0 There are numerous ways to enhance the appeal of blockchain technology and decentralized finance. Bridging the gap to the real world and its available liquidity remains a worthwhile option. Convergence tackles this aspect by attempting to revamp the concept of private investment markets. The Power of Real-World Investments Even though one may think that decentralized

dCanvas Employ Secure Proxies, On-Chain Meta Data on Collaborative NFT

Positioned as the biggest collaborative NFT art project, dCanvas opened up for the public for the second time by allocating 256 public release NFTs in its community pixel board on May 6th, 2021. Before this allocation, dCanvas had made 1024 NFTs available that got sold within five days. To understand why these public releases are so popular, we need to delve deeper into what dCanvas is,

Orbs Announces Integration With The Graph Protocol

Orbs, an Ethereum-based blockchain platform has integrated with The Graph Protocol where participants can access data related to the Orbs ecosystem, increasing transparency.

BSCPad Joins Forces With TRON to Release TRONPAD

Two blockchain behemoths, TRON and BSCPad, have joined forces to create TRONPAD, a TRON native launchpad. TRON is one of the largest blockchain protocols in the world, settling over 3 million transactions a day, with a particularly strong Asian presence. BSCPad is the largest launchpad on Binance Smart Chain, with a streak of successful Initial Dex Offerings under its belt. TRONPAD will