Iran Thinks It Can Outwit Trump. The Key? Bitcoin

Iran is reportedly using Bitcoin and crypto to outsmart Trump imposed economic sanctions as part of a multi-tier strategy involving the digital rial.

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Mercury in Retrograde: Can Astrology Predict Bitcoin Price Cycles?

Bitcoin can often be unpredictable. At times, it takes off on parabolic rallies for seemingly no reason at all, and other times, it could have every

Top 9 Weirdest Cryptocurrencies

The current cryptocurrency market is certainly a vast one, to say the least. With all sorts of coins being created by different people from playful fans of inte

‘Ethereum-Based’ LIBOR Alternative Gets a Nod From Fed Chairman

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Jerome Powell has seemingly expressed support for an "Ethereum-based" replacement of LIBOR, the average interest rate at which major global banks borrow from one another, stressing that it may not be suitable for everyone.

Retail Crypto Sentiment Flips Bearish For First Time in 2020

The crypto market has recently reached levels of greed after spending much of the second half of 2019 in fear of further downside in the asset class.

Bithumb Boss: Only 4-7 Korean Crypto Exchanges Will Survive Regulations

The CEO of Bithumb Korea, the domestic wing of the South Korean market-leading crypto exchange Bithumb, has predicted that after soon-to-promulgate regulations kick in, there will only be between four and seven exchanges left standing.

Crypto Market Sentiment Re-Enters Positive Zone; 3 Coins Join Bitcoin & Ether

The combined moving 7-day average crypto market sentiment score (sentscore) for the top 10 coins by market capitalization is the positive 6 today, as shown by crypto market sentiment analysis service Omenics. A week ago, this sentscore was 5.37/10, following a couple of smaller increases towards the positive zone.

Multi-Client Testnet for Ethereum 2.0 is Live, Bringing Phase 0 Closer

Coders from Prysm and Lighthouse have released a multi-client testnet for Ethereum 2.0 (ETH 2.0), as a vital step in the process towards Phase 0 (the beacon chain).

This Eerily Accurate Analyst Believes Bitcoin Could See a Nasty Retrace to $7,800

One historically accurate analyst is noting that Bitcoin (BTC) is pushing up against a key resistance level that is unlikely to be breached.

Navigating the COVID-19 Market Turmoil

As the effects of the coronavirus came into focus in early March, global markets were plunged into turmoil. On March 12th, Black Thursday saw the FTSE 100, D



Top-tier Crypto Exchanges Increased Their Market Share + More News

In August, trading volumes on top-tier (or lower risk) crypto exchanges increased by 58% to USD 529bn.

A Top Crypto Trader is Selling His Altcoins Due to These “Red Flags”

Altcoins — crypto assets that are not Bitcoin — have done extremely well over the past four weeks. Per data from, after reaching 68%, Bit

Introducing Verso – A Common Ground for the Entire Finance Industry

The financial industry is massive. When people think about finance, most of the time, they think of banks, sending money from one account to the other, and maybe of investments and trading. But, the financial industry is so much more than that. There are insurance companies, lending firms, custodial wallet providers, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and many more sectors, some of which are

Bitcoin Continues Grinding Higher as Stocks, Gold Level Off

With the halving now several days away, bitcoin (BTC) has continued to grind higher in the market in recent days, despite a weaker overall crypto market and a levelling off in the price of both gold and US stocks.

Crypto Market Sentiment Climbs; XRP is Week’s Loser but Among Day’s Winners

The very last week of 2020, as the market was still rallying, the market sentiment climbed, but not far from where it stood a week before.


ATGROUP IS A MULTI-NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION ESTABLISHED 2016 IN THE UK In areas including: Blockchain technology: Integrity, Immutability, Changes transparency, Security with Smart contract Information & Communication Technology (ICT) And another highlight of ATBANK DIGITAL is...


Do or Die Time for Bitcoin and Altcoins Bulls, Here Are Key Scenarios

Bitcoin price could either rally above USD 11,500 or decline heavily below USD 11,000. Ethereum must surpass USD 400 for a fresh increase, XRP is down 4% to USD 0.265. NMR rallied 35% and UMA gained over 25% today.

RBI Wants to Ban Crypto Again But It Won’t Succeed; Here’s Why

India's central bank wants to restore its crypto trading ban in the country, according to sources cited by Economic Times. The regional media house

East Asia Digital Token Initiative Inspired by Facebook’s Libra Plan

Policymakers in China have suggested creating a joint Japan-China-South Korea-Hong Kong digital currency that would function in a manner not unlike Facebook’s original plan for the Libra project.

Will the Recent Exploits Affect the Ethereum Run?

Over $630,000 worth of ether has been stolen recently from Ethereum, by exploiting project bZx. This is the second attack in less than a week.

Retail Crypto Trading Soars In Africa and Asia + More News

Marcus Swanepoel, Founder of UK-headquartered crypto exchange Luno, recently acquired by the Digital Currency Group, said that their retail volumes in South Africa, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Indonesia all tripled over last month and reached all-time highs.


Mercado Libre Embraces Bitcoin Pay – Which its CEO Wrote Off Last Year

Mercado Libre, an Argentinian, Nasdaq-listed e-commerce giant, became the latest firm to embrace crypto pay last week. But its CEO appears to have had a rather dramatic change of heart on the matter – as he was publicly bashing bitcoin (BTC)’s payment credentials less than 12 months ago.

Ethereum and Altcoins Rally, Bitcoin Corrects Gains

Bitcoin tested the USD 58,000 resistance zone before correcting lower. Ethereum rallied again and traded to a new all-time high near USD 3,550, XRP jumped over 15% and it traded above USD 1.70. ETC, EOS, QTUM and BCH are up over 20%.

XRP Holders Itching for Legal Battle in Protracted Ripple vs SEC War

Ripple’s long-running struggle against the American regulatory Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) looks set to rumble on – although it could be set to take a new turn as the presiding judge is set to make a key decision, while XRP holders are itching to enter the legal combat zone.

40% of Surveyed Individuals Plan to Use Crypto Within a Year – Mastercard

Amid a surging interest in cryptocurrencies as a payment method observed across the world, 40% of surveyed individuals said using crypto is in their plans for the next year, according to a recent survey commissioned by payments giant MasterCard.

Bitcoin Coming to US Banks, Grayscale Giants, Gets AI + More News

Crypto custody firm NYDIG has partnered with fintech giant Fidelity National Information Services to enable US banks to offer bitcoin to their customer in coming months.

TeraBlock Uses Machine Learning to Create a One-Stop Crypto Shop

TeraBlock is a cryptocurrency gateway that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to create the ultimate user experience for beginners. Using TeraBlock’s platform, any user can easily navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency trading market, even when they are in the early stages of learning. While you gen up on the art of trading, TeraBlock automates your portfolio,

Ternoa is Pleased to Announce its IDO on DAO Maker and PAID Ignition!

The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists. The announcement has just been made on Ternoa's social media channels! The French blockchain project’s IDO will take place for the end on May on DAO Maker and PAID Ignition, followed by a listing on a platform yet to be announced by the Ternoa team. For several weeks, Ternoa’s active community

Autonio Listing on AscendEX

AscendEX, formerly BitMax, an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quant trading veterans, has announced the listing of the NIOX Token (NIOX) under the pair USDT/NIOX on May 5 at 1:00 p.m. UTC. The NIOX Foundation and the Autonio trading platform are launching the NIOX suite to address the technical complexity, secrecy, and exclusivity found on existing

When Can We Expect Bitcoin’s Biggest Loss in 2021?

One of the biggest changes in the crypto community in 2020 is the keen adoption of Bitcoin by institutional investors. Companies such as Grayscale and JPMorgan began to invest in Bitcoin when Bitcoin was trading at 10,000 USD. In less than one year, the price of Bitcoin has increased five times. However, Bitcoin saw a steep sell-off last week, correcting 20%. When the market goes down